The power of weather

Абитуриент Разное


It is not a secret that weather affects all aspects of human behaviour and mood. People are influenced by it so much that they can’t pretend their life without turning to the weather forecast before leaving their homes. Most of us are usually interested in what the forecaster will say about the possibility of precipitation. But, to my mind we should be a bit more provident, because the day’s weather could seriously affect how we feel.
Everybody knows that scientists have found that the human immune system is affected by weather greatly. We feel bad and sleepy when it is over humid outdoors, but, at the same time, when the level of humidity is low, people suffer too. Windy weather has a great influence on our mood too. Nobody likes it, when strong, howling wind blinds him and almost sweeps off his feet. Such a storm makes people feel depressed, anxious, nervous, irritated or just emotionally imbalanced. But of course there are a lot of pleasant winds, which can create positive ions, as do electronics systems. But the worst present, which makes weather to people – is SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorders. People, who are extremely affected by SAD become depressed because of the changes in their brain chemistry. They suffer from sleepiness all the time. But they feel better as soon as the days start to get longer. What can people do just to cope with this doldrums? There are several ways, how to do it.
At first, 80% of people, who suffer from SAD are helped in the winter months if they spend two hours a day under artificial lights. Because the number of hours of sunshine was found to raise the level of optimism greatly.
Secondly, you should avoid overheating, because high temperatures force your blood vessels to narrow and your blood pressure to increase. So you can realise excess heat thought your skin.
The next one thing is that you should try to be busy every minute, in such a way you will have no time for blues.
If you do exercises, go for a walk, eat healthy food, have fun – no doldrums will hurt you. The healthy person can adapt physiological process in the organism to changing environmental conditions. As a result, the protecting reactions become stringer and healthy people almost don’t feel the negative influence of weather.
In other words, if you don’t want to be a biological barometer, live a full and colorful life, enjoy sunny days, spend time with friends and smile as much as you can!

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