Belarusian musical heritage


«Music can change the world because it can change people»

(After Bono)


One year is replaced by another one, one century goes after other century. Everything is changing around, but some things remain the same. This is art. With the invention of the first notes, melodies, music continues to accompany every sphere of human life. Look into the past … Music helps to cope with the heavy physical labour, accompanied by all the important events and, the last but not least, is one of the main instruments of political influence.

If we look through the history of any country, we will see that music reflected the spirit of the nation and formed cultural traditions. It was always one of the most powerful things which had a great influence on people’s minds, lifestyle and attitude to life.

Look at our youth. They are always with their earphones and they listen to music when they do homework, during the breaks, when they walk or even talk to somebody. Music has become not just the way of relaxing and having fun, but it is part of teenagers’ spirit.

Music is not just a variety of sound-combinations. It helps to express feelings, emotions, mood by music colours. It reflects the youth’s souls. Can anything be as impressive as songs? It cries with us when we are sad and it laughs when we are happy. Music can change our attitude to life and our mood. Young people need music more than adults. Of course, our lives will not be so bright without music because it gives us an opportunity to make friends from different part of the world, to get acquainted with people.

Listening to music is exciting. It makes us think about something, maybe even dream of something. It gives us grief or joy, laughter or sadness and many other emotions. You can imagine while listening to a certain song or just the melody, and each time these views may be different. Music takes us into a mysterious world, where we create whatever we want. It is very difficult to imagine how one can live without the music at least a week. Of course, it is possible, but is it necessary? This question will only torture you and you will lose many good moments in life. At the right moment, with the help of music, you can cheer yourself up, it will help you very much. Without it, you will soon simply «wither» as well as the flowers wither without water.


 Belarusian melodies in the hearts of the youth today


I particularly appreciate our Belarusian songs. I consider they are the most heartfelt and sincere, the most pure and sonorous. It shows the depth of the soul of Belarusian people, has a value and enriches the spiritual world.

Unfortunately, this view is not supported by all my peers. Modern young people used to listen to foreign music and don’t notice the beauty of the native songs. It is sad. After all, we got a great heritage, and that we must continue to develop our culture and music.

After spending a small survey among peers, I realized that many of them do not know either any of Belarusian singers or their compositions. And to the question: «Who is Mulyavin and what is his role in the development of Belarusian culture,» I heard a lot of contradictory answers. Teenagers don’t know this great musician; they don’t know the work of his group. And maybe it is unnecessary? Let them live a life of a new generation and listen to the new theme. Why should they listen to «this junk?» These questions plagued me for a long time, and I decided to be convinced of the importance of the Belarusian music and songs «Pesnyary» in particular.


What is the power of Belarusian music?


Belarusian music takes a special place in my heart. I heard from early childhood melodies of folk songs that glorified the love for the Motherland, Mother Nature. They identified my main values ​​in life: family, freedom, friends, honesty and good manners. Later I discovered the work of «Pesnyary». It showed me Belarusian music on the other hand: the living, sparkling enthusiasm and joy, and at the same time this music makes me think about life, about the relation to the family and to his Homeland. They have made a very large contribution to the development of the Belarusian culture. Their texts have opened the eyes of many people on the essence of eternal values. They learn to love, learn to notice invisible.

Music of «Pesnyary» stood the test of time. Their songs, of course, still can have an impact on the development of the Belarusian people and their spiritual power. Unfortunately, the group split up, but the music still lives. Their heritage lives. And I believe that it is necessary to remember, it is necessary to know and respect it. I think that education of the younger generation must be based on their works.

Undoubtedly, at that time the musicians have achieved great success, both within their country and abroad. «Pesnyary» the first of our bands were outside the «socialist camp», at the Cannes festival music. Their US tour proved to be quite incredible for that time. Their concerts in the USA were organized not «for the Russians from Brighton Beach», as many modern Russian singers do. Pesnyary visited provincial towns, where, in fact, living the true Americans. And I must say that the audience appreciated their music.

The genius of the group and their works was in the ability to combine folklore with elements of rock, jazz. Harmonious melodies sound and text fills the soul with senses, the mind with thoughts.


What sang Pesnyary?


In the survey, which is conducted by the correspondent of,  I revealed that the older generation remembers and knows the songs of this band, but young people are not familiar with its works. In these songs you can find love and sensuality. Many of the songs were created on the basis of the classical Belarusian poetry — Yakub Kolas, Yanka Kupala, Maksim Bogdanovich, Maksim Tank and others. At the same time the music is fully consistent with the words of their greatness. If young people don’t want to spend time reading the works of Belarusian classics, the music will be able to get acquainted with their heritage, feel the deep love for the country, feel the share of the Belarusian people.

Pesnyary lived and will live. Their works can help you not only to discover the Belarusian songs, but also to realize the beauty of the language, the depth of the Belarusian soul and feel the love for the country, its natural and spiritual wealth.

I can say that people of modern society are worried about their inner problems and relationships. There are no songs which could be known for ages. Most of the songs are melodies which are suited for one moment in life, for one day. So I think that it is important to listen to songs and other compositions which stood the test of time and can bring in your life some cultural values.

In conclusion I’d like to say that we listened to music, listen to it every day and will listen to the different styles in the future. Some songs we like, others dislike. That’s why I have decided to make a list of recommended music and shared with my classmates. I am happy that some of them included this list into their daily music because they have loved the music of Pesnary. I am sure that these beautiful songs will have impact on a human’s psyche in a pleasant way. The texts of these songs include some values which are necessary to take and know for everybody. I hope that this music will help to become people healthy having right attitude to life, family values and our Motherland.

Music accompanies human life. What kind of music and what it will bring to you — it’s up to you. I am proud of Belarusian musical heritage and want our children and grandchildren are proud of it, too.

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