5 Reasons to visit Canada

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Canada is the country of tranquility and also a shelter for people of different nationalities and religions. Here is a high standard of living, the stable economy and one of the best levels of education.  

The reasons above are already enough to get interested in this country. 

And also, Canadians are wonderful, kind and have a great understanding of politeness. 

In this article you can find five reasons to visit this little piece of heaven. 


  1. The incredible nature 

Just few countries can boast of the quantity and range of natural wonders as Canada has. The most spectacular and popular natural attractions of the country are the Parks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, Provincial Dinosaur Park and many others. Also, Canada attaches great importance to the preservation of the land. The entrance to the national parks, as a rule, is paid, but you can believe, that it’s worth it. 

  1. Interesting attractions 

Besides the undeniably beautiful nature, Canada has a lot of unique attractions. For example, an architectural feat — CN Tower, or historic places such as Quebec Fortress. Also, there are a great number of outstanding cultural attractions which include world-class museums and galleries. 

  1. People

Standing on the street of any Canadian city with no idea where to go, you can be sure that you will find someone to come up to help you. Canadians are very friendly and don’t like to argue. To reduce tensions in sharp discussions, they often use the words «could be» or «not bad.» They also don’t honk in the traffic jams and usually apologize even for the slightest violation. 

  1. Leisure activities for all tastes

One of the best reasons to visit Canada is to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity. You will be waited for trails, mountains and lakes of magnificent beauty. Some of the most popular outdoor activities in Canada are camping, skiing or snowboarding, golf, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing and snowshoeing across the country. 

  1. Events and festivals

Canadians know a lot about entertainment. 

Just visit any of these popular Canadian events and festivals to find out that Canadians are really very hospitable. 

  • Celebration of Light, Vancouver (the largest fireworks competition in the world) 
  •  Cowboy Rodeo Festival Calgary Stamped in Calgary 
  •  Folklore Festival in Edmonton 
  •  Toronto Canadian Film Festival  
  • Ottawa Tulip Festival  


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