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What is the benefit?

What is the benefit? Benefit is about bringing positive results. Nowadays it is very important to bring any benefit in this or that craft, deed or voice. Whatever we do, whatever we talk about, it will most likely bring some fruit. Good or bad is another matter.

Small solutions are a big benefit

If someday we begin to feed the birds wintering in our yards, we will soon receive their love and gratitude. Or if we throw the trash into the common tank, it will undoubtedly make the work of the janitors easier. On the other hand, it will complicate or even put the recycling process at a standstill, because plastic, organic matter and waste paper will mix in a common mess.

Taking care of the environment, that is, recycling, and animals such as birds are very useful for people. If recycling provides us with a sustainable future, then birds save our agricultural crops from harmful insects.

Who can be useful?

Absolutely everyone can be useful to society: both an ordinary worker and a rich businessman. Many other professions are useful as well. If you ask passers-by about the most useful spheres for humanity, they, of course, will name medicine, education and construction. Speaking of journalism the main task of journalists is to give truthful information. And in my opinion that is our professional benefit. Thus, we can`t but mention stories which were published in the section of “Belarus remembers”  from the newspaper “SB Belarus Segodnya”. The stories of the main partisan detachment in the Minsk region, the story of Gabriel Georgievsky, chief of staff of the Mogilev regional VOG and the stories of many other eyewitnesses of that time are striking and worth-reading. I believe that it is necessary to cover partisan movements during the war years that is an important part of our history.

Is it difficult to be useful to people?

Is it difficult to be useful to people? I don’t think so. After all, even the smallest help in the smallest matter will somehow affect our future.

Mochalova Elena, a first-year student
Ksenia Zaretskaya, editer

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  1. I’m fully agree with the opinion of the author and now I’m feel interested in reading

  2. I agree that everyone can do something good. Another thing is whether he wants to?

  3. It’s hard to disagree with the author. It is necessary to be useful, it is possible and not difficult.

  4. I absolutely agree with the author of this article. If each of us does something good for the environment and our planet will breathe more freely

  5. This article is great! The topic of benefits will always be relevant in our world.

  6. I completely agree! It’s not for nothing that they say: «If you want to change the world, start with yourself!»

  7. Very helpful article. I agree with the author that every person should start with himself.

  8. Thanks for the interesting and helpful article. It is good that there are people who strive to become better and help the world around them. Small steps — to a big victory!

  9. OMG!!@!! This is a very entertaining, engaging, useful, necessary article!! I don’t know what I would do without it! Special respect for the photo of birds!
    #usefulforpeople #people #help
    #birds #cold #be kind, always!!!

  10. I agree with these thoughts: it is really easy to be useful. Even with the help of this text, people were benefited.

  11. I think everything is complicated by a person’s perception of the world. For example, a student who writes to another student will think that it is beneficial, and the teacher, noticing the writing, will think that the student is harming a classmate because the one who writes does not gain knowledge. Sometimes highlighting benefits is problematic.

  12. Thank you kindly, Elena, for this article. It sounds influential, although in some parts your thoughts are mixed and it’s sometimes hard to follow your line. I’d like to read some more articles written by you to know, what you do to be useful and bring benefits to the society.

  13. Mochalova Lena, thank you for this helpful article 🙂 I agree with you, that absolutely everyone can be useful to society and it isn’t difficult to be useful to people. I think that after reading this article, many people will try to be helpful.

  14. Thank you, Elena, for such a wonderful and useful article! I absolutely agree with you and with your opinion on this topic. I really liked that in your article you gave examples about «how can I be useful?» and «can everyone be useful?». It’s wonderful that you brought up such a serious topic! Good luck!

  15. A very pleasant and motivating post. People are so indifferent sometimes that it makes me angry. I really appreciate the work of others and respect those who at least somehow help others

  16. This is a much needed article! Makes us think about the environment and more… Thank you very much!

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