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Hello there!

I’m Ruohan Wang, a student from China. This year is my second year in Belarus. So I’d like to tell you about my favorite means of transport in Belarus. As we all know, there are many different modes of transportation here, such as buses, taxis, bicycles etc. These are very common means of transport, they are also very popular in China. But I want to tell about a kind that is not popular in China—subway.

читающие пассажиры метро

“What attracts me most about Minsk underground…”

In Belarus I give my preference to subway because it’s very convenient. Metro stations are all over Minsk and I can take it to wherever I want to go in the city. It is also fast, it only takes 30 minutes from the student residence to the university. The price of subway is only one tenth that of a taxi. What attracts me most about Minsk underground is its stations. When I was in China, for me the subway was just a means of transportation made of steel which is cold and fast. But when I came to Minsk, I found that every subway station was built differently. Some stations have many patterns on the wall that symbolize national customs of Belarus, some of them have bright lights, modern decorations or monumental statues.

“…Every medal has its reverse…”

Also I would like to draw your attention to some disadvantages because every medal has its reverse. When the subway is running, it makes a lot of noise, which makes us unable to hear people around us or call friends. This often troubles me.

эстетичное фото в метро

…protect yourself during this special period”

Nowadays novel coronavirus is spreading all over the world. When we take the subway, the chance to catch the infection will also increase. This is harmful for our health. So please protect yourself while traveling by underground during this special period.


Ruohan Wang, a 1st year student,
international journalism department

Polina Nedvetskaya, proofreader


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  1. Thanks to Ruohan Wang for this article.
    Before reading this article, I did not know that the subway is not so popular in China. I liked that the author remembers the coronavirus and asks to be careful when traveling on public transport.
    I do not agree with the author that you can get to any corner of Minsk by metro. No. Metro lines do not affect many areas of the capital, so you often have to change from metro to other transport.

  2. Very good article! I so excited when i read it. It`s very useful information for foreigners 🙂

  3. Thank you for such a fascinating and quite interesting article. Oddly enough, I agree with all your opinions (both with the pros and cons of our public transport) and support your point of view. I hope that over time, our transport will get better and better, and we will all stop feeling that little discomfort 🙂

  4. Thank you for writing this article. It was very interesting to read the impressions of foreigners about my home city and one of its «sites» – Metro. I was pleased that you find our underground stations attractive! I’d like to advise you to travel around Minsk by Metro and see other places of interest, such as museums, National library, Victory square, parks and so on and share your feelings. I’m sure, it’ll influence foreigners to visit our country and open its treasures!

  5. Thank you for sharing your impressions. But I would like you to tell us a little more about your favorite subway station!

  6. It was very curious to know the opinion of a foreigner! For me, the subway is also a convenient form of transport.

  7. I completely agree with international students. I also love the subway very much. This is a convenient and fast transport.

  8. This article was entertaining because it is always interesting to hear someone else’s opinion on a specific topic

  9. A useful and informative article. It is always interesting to know how such everyday things for us, like the metro, are perceived by foreign guests.

  10. This is a very interesting article with a small comparison of the metro in Minsk and China. Very entertaining!

  11. I found this article very interesting. A very hot topic at the moment.

  12. Oh, this topic is really intriguing and close to me! It is the must-read.

  13. It was very exciting to look in a new way at such a familiar form of transport for us! 🙂

  14. This text seemed very informative to me. It is interesting to look at our public transport with different eyes

  15. It is always interesting to get an opinion about your country from a person who has not been close to it for so many years. I completely agree that our metro is quite noisy. Sometimes it is even difficult to hear a person sitting half a meter away from you!

  16. I found the article exciting. It was quite interesting to know the opinion of a foreign student about our means of transport.

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