WEEKEND INTERVIEW: My Formula of Happiness

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English Section launches a new project «Weekend Interview» during this semester. The Professors and the teachers as well as the students of the Faculty of Journalism will be invited to our impromptu online studio to share their opinions on different issues.

A pilot interview has been conducted by me, Polina Nedvetskaya. I have asked Anna Rovina, a first-year student, about vitally important issues that make her happy.

Optimistic and relaxed

Polina: Good morning Anna! What a nice day! How are you doing this weekend?

Anna: Good morning, Polina! I’m very grateful for having been invited for the interview! I’m quite well, thanks. It could be better, but still, I’m optimistic and relaxed. What about you?

Polina: Fine, thank you. Thank you for sharing your positive vibes. And here’s my first question. Do you think an optimistic person is always happy?

Anna: Certainly not. I think, no one can be always happy. And being optimistic doesn’t mean being happy. An optimistic person would try to find something good in this or that situation and cheer everyone up even though being herself or himself in trouble at that moment.

Pyramid of happiness

Polina: An interesting opinion, I see what you mean. Speaking of your pyramid of happiness, what does it include?

Anna: Well, it includes quite a lot of aspects that are all very important for me. I need to be with my family and my beloved and know that they are healthy and wealthy. I also need to communicate a lot to be happy, therefore I have many acquaintances and some close friends who are always there for me.

As I’m an artistic person, inspiration plays a significant part in my life.

Being free and useful is important for me too. And of course, diversity of activities and emotions is the thing that makes life bright and interesting and fills it with happiness.

Polina: What do you think the most important element in this pyramid is? What couldn’t you do without?

Anna: Oh, it’s quite hard to define. All of them are very meaningful for me and all together make me happy. But I guess, my family and my beloved are those whom I couldn’t live without. The absence of other aspects, such as freedom or inspiration, can make me feel sad, miserable and awful, but I’d manage to cope with it with the help of my nearest and dearest. But without them I’d be close to death… 

Freedom requires responsibility

Polina: Well, you have mentioned freedom. What does it mean for you to be free?

Anna: For me freedom is a very wide definition, it includes first of all freedom of choice and opinion. I mean, the situation when a person is able to make any choice and carry it out. I feel very dissatisfied when I’m made to do or not to do something. And of course I understand that freedom requires responsibility.

Polina: Life is a balancing act, there are happy and worrying days in people’s lives. In your opinion can a person be absolutely happy and free?

Anna: I believe a person can be absolutely happy in some cases. But as any other ideal, it’s really difficult to reach. However, to my mind, it’s not necessary to be absolutely happy.  As for freedom, again, people always have to be responsible.

Unforgettable feeling

Polina: What do you feel when you believe that you are happy?

Anna: Oh, it’s an incredible feeling! My heart starts beating faster, my eyes are shining and I can’t stop smiling. It feels like everything inside goes up and you are almost flying!

Polina: Is there anything else you would like to share with your audience?

Anna: You know, if you can’t change the things, you don’t have the reason to worry, and if you can change them, you don’t have time to worry! Be optimistic!

Life motto

Polina: Thank you, Anna! In conclusion could you please formulate your life motto.

Anna: Take risk, be optimistic and active, treat others with a sincere interest and fairness, learn and create!

Polina Nedvetskaya, a 1st year student

 Anastasia Martinovich, editor

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  1. Thank you, Polina. It was a very interesting article !!! The interview is super. Keep moving in that direction. Thank you for being a very good journalist! We love you!!!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of a new rubric. Interesting topic and its implementation. After reading the article, I really thought about writing articles in English, I would like to try my hand and interview in English. It would be very interesting to learn more about the students, as well as it will be interesting for readers to see teachers as guests of this section. Thank you guys for the explanatory article!

  3. Thank you, Polina. It was very interesting article! It was interesting for me to know what is the forum of happiness for Anna Rovina

  4. This is the most optimistic and joyful interview I’ve ever seen. Thanks to Polina and Anna for an incredible and entertaining conversation, it turned out to be so entertaining and fun, that, I think, I was charged with positivism for a month ahead 🙂

  5. I just read an interesting interview. Thank you, Polina, for the questions you asked!!! Thank you, Anna, for the extended answers!!! I think the new section is the best innovation on the whole WEBSMI platform!!! And I’m not kidding! Because it’ so interesting to read about the students who are studying with you. Reports, notes — it’s all boring, but interviews… Like a new breath of clean air. I recommend it to everyone.
    P.S. I’m looking forward to a new guest!

  6. Thank you for this article, Polina, this new rubric is like a breath of fresh air! The text of the article makes me think about my own formula of happiness and different rituals that can make me happy. It was also pleasant to see so cute photos of my wonderful classmate — Ann, she is very beautiful here! I found this article interesting and valuable because I learned a little more about Ann. I think interviews like this can make you closer to our friends, so maybe I’ll write something like this soon!

  7. I agree with phrase from text: «Take risk, be optimistic and active, treat others with a sincere interest and fairness, learn and create!» I want to speak Thank you, Polina, very much for this good material!

  8. Thank you, Polina, for this interview!
    Congratulations on opening a new heading in the English section!
    I really liked this article for the way I present answers and questions. The interview topic is great, helpful and kind! The interview came out on a weekend, which underlined its theme. The photos are reminiscent of the 8 March holiday and complement the spoken words.
    I hope that others, just like me, will cheer themselves up with this useful interview, from which everyone understands: you need to be happy no matter what!

  9. Thank you, Polina, for this new interesting rubric Weekend Interview 🙂 I agree with Anna’s formula for happiness.
    Waiting for the continuation of the project ! 🙂

  10. Thanks for the text, it was very interesting and useful for me.Keep it up!

  11. Polina, thank you for such a fascinating article! The new rubric «Weekend Interview» is a great opportunity to develop our creativity and expand our view of the world. I am sure that the English section on Websmi will sparkle with new, even brighter colors if this rubric continues to develop!

  12. Thank you kindly!! Your work is impressive and worth an admiration.

  13. This is a very interesting and unusual project. I loved the idea and will look forward to more articles on this topic.

  14. I agree with Anna very much. Everyone has their own secrets of happiness. I think we need to be optimistic in both the smooth and the unsatisfactory days and this is my secret of happiness.

  15. Thank you for the interview, which makes you dig in myself. Now, from the point of view of the literary editor, I will describe what I didn’t have enough. The first moment concerns the «Pyramid of Happiness». Polina asks for her by Anna, but the usual reader mayn’t know what the essence of the «pyramids» is. Polina could have accessible words to briefly talk about it. Then, in my opinion, identical questions are asked about absolute happiness in an optimist and the possibility of being absolutely happy.I think that these questions could be combined and asked at the beginning of the interview. I also didn’t have enough mutual communication between students. Polina at first tried to talk Anna and asked her a question, but then only she answered questions. I expect that Polina also needed to ask Anna about happiness.

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