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First impressions of Belarusian cuisine

I have been studying in Belarus for 2 years. I arrived in Minsk from China in autumn 2018. I was tired and terribly hungry after a long journey. So I tried  Belarusian food for the first time: Belarusian bread, potatoes and chicken fried meatloaf! Since then I have been enjoying the Belarusian food and will never forget its taste.

Addictive difficulties

In fact it takes Chinese students a long time to adapt to the Belarusian traditional food. Many of my friends still don’t really like pickles, lard, and sour cream.

Favorite Belarusian dishes

Belarus has a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables. Belarusian large cherries and blueberries are very nice and sweet, especially in autumn. Speaking of the Belarusian dishes, the one that impressed me most is mixed vegetable soup. In Minsk supermarkets I have seen surprisingly many kinds of sausages but it’s not always easy to cook them well.

Differences in the national cuisines of China and Belarus

The climate and the geographical conditions determine differences in eating habits of the Belarusians and the Chinese.

«…Belarusian food has become a kind of taste memory for me…»

I find Belarusian food really great! Draniki, machanka, pancakes are simply fantastic, have become a kind of taste memory for me.

Lltingwei, a first-year student, international journalism department

Ksenia Zaretskaya, editor



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