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Summer is a time of rest and traveling. Therefore, our new issue is devoted to intercultural communication. Today we are conducting our interview in an updated format: there are two interviewers!  Polina Nedvetskaya and Elena Menyailo are talking to Kseniya Petrovskaya, a 1st year student. Ksenia is focusing on important points based on her experience in intercultural communication.

Exciting and active

Elena: Good morning everyone.

Polina: Hello, Kseniya! How are you doing this weekend?

Kseniya: Hi, I’m fine, thanks. Summer holidays are exciting. I am doing my internship and I am having a rest. And how are you?

Polina: Fine, thank you. Changing activities has always been good for me too.

Calm and friendly

Polina: Well, how did you feel when you first met foreigners? Where did it take place?

Kseniya:  My first experience of international communication was in Poland. Fortunately, during my first contact with foreigners I wasn’t alone, I was with my family and felt huge support from their side as well as from the side of our foreign friends, as they were very polite and attentive. The atmosphere wasn’t tense, we tried to behave as if we were all good pals, thus our communication was calm and friendly.

Language and communication

Polina: How well can you speak Polish?

Kseniya: Well, definitely I need some more practice to remember certain words, because due to COVID restrictions we haven’t been to Poland for a year and a half, and our on-line communication will never replace a person-to-person one. But I am sure that once I get to Poland, I’ll remember everything right away.

Elena: Did you feel comfortable only when you overcame language barrier?

Kseniya: I think that language plays a huge role in communication, but it’s not the main means of it! It’s more important to be in a friendly environment, when people are ready to communicate despite all language and cultural differences. Sometimes it’s even easy to communicate with gestures; it all depends on the situation.

Polina: Could language barriers influence impressions of a trip?

Kseniya: Hope it cannot! If you are not ready to communicate in person or afraid to do this, you may always ask someone for help or use online translator on your device.

Polina: How long does it take to overcome language barrier?

Kseniya: Well, for me it took several days. When you appear to be alone with foreigners, your brain starts working harder, you become more concentrated and even start remembering those things, which you thought you didn’t know at all.

Dipping in cultures

Elena: Fantastic. Do you think it is true that it is easier for children to learn foreign languages based on personal experience?

Kseniya: I think it’s stereotypic opinion. Every person despite the age can make a start in a foreign country without knowledge of a language. Maybe it’s easier a bit for children, as they are more sincere in contacts with others and do not think too much about the results of their communication, they just live the present moment. When we try to be like children, we are able to master intercultural communication much easier.

Polina: Is it possible to understand different cultures and traditions in childhood?

Kseniya: In childhood we follow everything that our parents or other adults respect. When we appear in any cultural or traditional event, we take it for granted. Sometimes we even bring it into our lives. Remember Halloween, we all started to celebrate it, even though we hadn’t heard about such a holiday before.

Elena: Exactly. Well, does dipping in cultures help to become more tolerant?

Kseniya: It does. Through other traditions we start to understand different matters as if we’ve spent some time in this or that country. It helps to be a part of other culture, while watching from outside or taking the part in it, all depends on you and your attitude.

Polina: What else can interfere with communicating to foreigners?

Kseniya: I haven’t been in such situation, but can only assume that it’s fear.  When you are open to communication, you may even try to speak with simple words and no grammar rules, and you will be obviously understood. Fear not to be correct in our speech makes us less communicative, but we should understand, that foreigners are not language teachers who evaluate our knowledge, they are our companions to speak with.

Be yourself

Elena: Agree. And is good mood important?

Kseniya: Certainly. As well as positive attitude to life. When you are easy-going and open-minded, you are free in communication.

Polina: What advice can you give to those who travel abroad for the first time?

Kseniya: Be yourself, be friendly and polite. And there always will be people who would like to help you when needed!

«Per aspera ad astra»

Polina: Thank you, Kseniya! In conclusion could you please formulate your life motto.

Kseniya: My life motto sounds in Latin like «Per aspera ad astra». The exact translation of this phrase is «through the thorns to the stars». It means a lot for me, like «through efforts to victory», «through difficulties to triumph» and even may apply to our present topic – through communication to intercultural connection!

Polina Nedvetskaya, managing editor

Elena Menyailo, a 1st year student

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