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Lack of expectations

In summer I  had an internship at the editorial office, where I worked before. It is a newspaper «Khoinikskie naviny» (Khoiniki, Gomel region). As  I had practiced writing articles, the editorial staff was familiar to me so I didn’t worry a lot.

First task

June 28 was my  first working day and for some reason I got nervous. This is probably due to the fact that I didn’t know what my first assignment would be. It turned out to be simple: it was necessary to interview women who had attended the sports and cultural festival «Vytoki.Krok da Alimpu» which took place in Mozyr. I managed to contact and interview them. The newspaper is published once a week so my article was issued on Saturday, July 3.

Unexpected turn

Having written my first article I began to think that it wasn’t worth expecting something very interesting. I received assignments from the editorial board, offered my ideas and wrote stories. According to my university internship plan I was to write 3 articles and proofread a text. But I got involved in the process and was really efficient!

The older generation knows what emoticons look like!

One of my tasks was an experiment. My goal was to find out how many aged people use social networks and emoji if they chat on the Internet. I went up to passers-by (over 30) and asked them the meaning of  the emoji I had chosen. The survey showed that the older generation understands emoji, but prefers texts.

Being a teacher

One day I was really surprised, it was very unexpected as I was offered to organize a tour of the editorial office for the schoolchildren . I was  explained in details what and in what sequence to tell the guests who would come. It was a great fun.

Professionalism of my colleagues

Some days left the most vivid memories. These were the days when I went on assignments with my colleagues and watched how they work. They are real professionals, it was very exciting and interesting to watch them working. For example, I watched my colleague Svetlana collecting information about buildings in the city, where shops and cafes will soon open. And then she wrote an article where she told people about what would be built there. Of course, people who live in Khoiniki wondered about that.

And… I liked it!

So I can say that I enjoyed my practice. Even if it turned out not quite the way I imagined it, but… I got experience, learned something new. I immersed  myself in the world of  journalism and just had a great time!

Victoria Kapitan, a first-year student, Print Media Department

Ksenia Zaretskaya, editor


  1. Thank you for the article! journalist is a very important profession. It was very amazing to read about the internship, unexpected turns and experiments.

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