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My name is Alena, I am the web editor of the student website Websmi.by.

On October 30 we are celebrating a big date — the centenary of the Belarusian State University.

On this occasion, I invite you to sing our traditional university songs! People from all over the world, join us! Click on the links below and get ready to sing along with our big choir!

«Gaudeamus igitur» by Mieskuoro Alvar

«Anthem of the Belarusian State University»

Фото: БелТА

«From vagante» by Igor Ivanov

«Student» by Ruki Vverkh!

Prepared by Alena Mochalova

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  1. I was still a schoolgirl when the song «Student» by Dima Malikov was very popular.It seemed to me that I would immediately become an adult, smart and free, as soon as I received a student card. I still enjoy listening to this song.
    Link — https://youtu.be/mpqUhxK8tuQ

  2. Great material, very interesting to know what the students listened before

  3. When I conducted a survey among students on the theme of songs that unite all students, some called Viktor Tsoi, the «Фактор 2» group and other performers. I like the video and the song «Скажи, красавица» because it reminds me of my school and university days. the atmosphere is the same. but the selection of songs for such albums, I would agree with the students. some of these songs are not known to the current students. perhaps the younger generation would add contemporary performers. I wish the author all the best??

  4. Thank you Lena for such a cool congratulations! It was great to listen to these musical compositions. I would also like to listen to more songs related to students in English.

  5. Thanks to the author for the cool selection, some of the songs I heard for the first time. Very nice that the university has traditional songs, which unite students

  6. Thanks to the author for such a great material! I suppose, it’s great, that songs can unite people of different generations and culturies.
    P.s. My favourite one is «Gaudeamus»:)

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