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Shakespeare said, «Books are the nourishment of the world. Without books in life, it is as if there is no sunlight in the earth and books in wisdom, as if birds have no wings.» Books are spiritual food that accompanies us throughout our lives. Reading is one of the most important habit.  Thus, having a good reading skill will often get twice the result with half the effort.  For me, I think good reading habits should include: bringing things to a close, using fragmented time and using «tools».

Bringing things to a close

When you start reading a book, read it till the end. Whether you read or do other things, persistence is the key to success.

Use fragmented time

If you set aside at least 5-10 minutes of reading time every day, for example, you can develop the habit of reading at breakfast or lunch time, before going to bed or while having a bath If you read for ten minutes at a time, it will be thirty minutes of reading time per day.  This is a good start, and it helps to develop good daily reading habits.

Use «tools»

The term tool  here is a way to improve reading skills. For example, when you are reading a book in another language, the dictionary is your tool.  Use tools flexibly. When you encounter something you don’t understand, using tools such as the Internet can help you to understand the book better and deepen your impression of the article.

There is an old Chinese saying: «The book has its own golden house, and the book has its own beauty.» I think it is necessary to develop the habit of reading.

Wang Ruohan, a second-year student, International Journalism Department

Anastasia S. Petrovskaya, trainee teacher, proofreader

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  1. Hello dear author! I really want to thank you for such an interesting essay. I really liked your thoughts. Of the advantages of the article, I can single out very beautiful quotes that complement your thoughts very well. I share your opinion about how important it is to develop the habit of «correct» reading of books.

  2. Hello dear author! I want to thank you for such an informative article. I think this information
    will be useful to everyone. The main advantage I want to note is the choice of the topic of the essay, because not every reader knows about such good habits that you shared. Separately, I want to thank you for the wonderful and atmospheric pictures that were perfectly chosen for the material.

  3. Good day! I really liked your post. I find fragmented reading extremely helpful for building a habit. I think if all people used it, they would be much more erudite, although many may just be too lazy to read, which I find a minus. I will use your advice in the future.

  4. Good day, author! In the English lesson, we were lucky to read your article. In my opinion, it is very interesting and useful, because it gives easy adviсe «to start reading». The only thing I missed was more text and bright pictures. But in general, I liked this article.

  5. A heartful text for the people who like to read and people who want to start. Its warm just charmed me.
    Honestly, this text is not my cup of tea. I’m reading a lot and importance of books is too oblivious for me.
    But if we are speaking about such sings as aesthetics or mabe technical innovations, well, yes, this text is wonderful.

  6. Thank you! I totally agree with author’s point of view. Reading books is a journey, a dialogue between the readers and the authors. Like when I read this article, it feels like my thoughts and author’s thoughts collide and merge.

  7. Hello, author. Your article made me understand why I had not succeeded in developing the habit of reading before. I will now use the fragmented time and insist on reading every day, and I believe that I will successfully develop the reading habit. Thank you very much!

  8. Thanks! Author, I agree with the author. Reading is a journey, a journey of cultivating the mind and body. When I read this, it felt like my ideas and the author’s ideas collided and merged, and I absolutely loved it!

  9. Hello, dear author! My ideas coincide with yours, it’s very pleasing, thank you. This article is good and interesting, as it makes it clear, why people are not addicted to reading.

  10. Good day!
    Thank you for such an interesting, informative article. I have received a lot of information that I will definitely need in my future.

  11. Good morning everyone! Nice rainy day and the nice article! The topic of reading is relevant for all times and generations.
    Thank you, Wang Ruohan!

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