Clothes in our life

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To my mind, everybody knows the phrase: “You are what you eat”, but practically nobody has ever heard such words as: “You are what you wear”, though, I think, that the last one is as truthful, as the previous is. Frankly speaking, I’ll lie if I say that fashion and clothes play an unimportant role in our fast-moving world. People become more and more fashion-addicted every day, even if they don’t notice it. It is sad, but some of us still judge others by their clothes. Perhaps, on the one hand it’s right, because clothes create a wordless means of communication. The way a person is dressed can tell you much about this person’s taste, style, creativity, and finally, his ideas of beauty. But, on the other hand, everybody can make mistakes. And sometimes your quick decision about a human according to his outfit can be wrong and does a lot of harm to you, I mean, you can be trapped. So, if you want to make new friends, clothes are a bad helper. I try to control myself from being in such situations and make new acquaintances according not to their appearance, but to their inner world. Because we all know, that appearances are deceitful. I want you to follow this idea, as a human may wear the fanciest suit, but still be an uncultured person underneath that suit, or vice versa. You should perceive clothes not as something which you must worship to or devote every free minute, but only as a means of expressing yourself, your feelings and identities. I mean, clothes help you to stand out in a crowd, turn heads and draw the public attention to you, as your outfit is a language telling a story about you. But you should always think about clothes you put on beforehand, because your outfit should suit the occasion and put you in the right mood for the day. In the other way you can look stupid. So, I guess the idea that clothes don’t make the man, but nevertheless, the first impression you make on others depends on good clothes, skillful make-up, stylish hairdos, in other words, smart appearance. They say, a good face is a letter of recommendation. But don’t forget that sometimes people put a fur coat on rubbish. I mean, a pretty face doesn’t mean a pretty heart. So, you shouldn’t trust to your eyes but your heart, too.

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