Being a Teenager in the modern reality

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Remember, how good it was in childhood? No significant problems and imposed complexes, no worries and obsession with that others say and think about us. Being children, we seemed to live in a cocoon, that protected our childish and unconscious essence. But this carefree and «light» time ends, when «a newborn butterfly has to learn to fly». Our conscious and multifaceted life begins precisely from this moment of release…when we are faced with real problems and life difficulties. This period of our life is called Adolescence.


Adolescence is a breaking point in a teenager’s life. We are changing both internally and externally, we begin to understand things better and analyze everything, we try to show our individuality and become independent. And these aspirations are accompanied by certain problems, among which are feelings of self-doubt, embarassment and envy, misunderstandings and conflicts with parents. There are stereotypes: «Teens are kind and considerate» and «Teens are rude and aggressive»…but this is not true for all of them.

If we talk about the first statement, then we can analyze their school life and its connection with their life outside the school walls. First of all, teens’ relationship with their classmates can often be very tense, because of envy, distrust and personal hostility manifested in passive or active aggression.


Teenagers can even be violent. For example, when a new student appears in the class, if  he do not «join the herd» and do not adhere to the «herd mindset», then he can easily become an outcast and an object for ridicule and bulling. Besides, teenagers tend to feel envious of their peers if they notice something in them, what they really lack. Sometimes they feel such rage, hatred and resentment at the same time, that it comes to fights. How many videos on the Internet with these scary episodes?…


In fact, every who does this needs moral support. Often this aggression is born in them, because of their personal resentments, emotional experiences, misunderstanding and not close relationship with parents, who have enough problems of their own, which are much more important than «these teenage problems». All this makes the child withdrawn, insecure, angry and defenseless. To all this is added the raging hormones, that sometimes make deranged.

                                                          » Teens are dangerous. From hormones they are like terminators».


The behavior and emotional condition of teens can be completely different and unpredictable. They can be either «kind and considerate»  and  «rude and aggressive» depending on the situation and on their personal attitude towards it. Parents just should hear and listen to them, not scold or condemn, not impose their vision of the situation or issue, not taking into account teen’s opinion, but just listen to their words and reckon with them.

Teenagers need support and understanding, not criticism, moralizing and slightly derisive remarks from parents about teenage maximalism. The changes in adolescents manifested in frequent mood swings. That is why they described as «a roller coaster ride».


Having been constantly unheard and only condemned by parents or rejacted by friends, teens withdraw into themselves, stop trusting their parents and even get angry with them and others, which is why teens find it difficult to talk about their feelings even to the closest people.


» In general, adolescence is characterized not only by rapid changes in ideals, but also by sudden mood swings — from joy and fun to anger, rudeness and depression. There may be no objective reasons for such differences, or they seem insignificant to adults. Attempts to improve their mood with the words: » Why are you upset about such nonsense?» cause extreme irritation. A pimple on the face, a speck on jeans, an offensive word casually spoken by a passerby — all this can plunge a teenager into gloomy despondency. And at these moments, despite the outward cliquishness and alienation, they especially urgently need warm sympathy without criticism and moralizing».

The way many modern stereotypes describe teens is not always the ultimate truth. Being a teenager is a really difficult experience for every person, because Adolescence is the time when we are most vulnerable and sensitive. A teenager, like no one else, needs love, understanding and support of others, especially of parents and close friends.



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