Living in Belarus: Home Country Traditions that a Foreign Student Misses

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Dreams come true

I wanted to study in Belarus a lot. It happened! I am doing a course in journalism at the BSU.

The first difficulties

When I came to Minsk there were a lot of difficulties at the beginning. I could speak Russian only a little. I missed my family, my friends, my native language and our traditions.

«Two chopsticks are yin and yang…»

First of all, the Chinese mainly use fibrous foods and eat with chopsticks.  Chopsticks embody yin and yang in Chinese traditional culture. When you use chopsticks, the one that moves is yang, and the one that doesn’t move is yin.

Round table is the part of the culture

Secondly, Chinese food culture is really harmonious. Chinese people use a round table to eat, because a round table means that there is no hierarchy between people. The ancients believed that eating is the most relaxing time for human beings. When eating, you should stay relaxed and happy. These are the main features of our Chinese taking meal culture.


Third, Chinese food culture favors sheji. «She» is the ancient god of earth, and «Ji» is the ancient god of valley.

The adaptation is going well!

Slowly I am getting used to everyday life in Belarus. I like the country and its kind people. We are interesting to each other because we are different!


Sun Yan, a first-year student, international journalism department

Ksenia Zaretskaya, editor

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  1. It was very interesting for me to find out what is unusual for foreigners in our country

  2. Thank you for the article! To my mind this article is interesting and attractive! I found out that there are some traditions I haven’t even heard about. This article made me more interested in Chinese culture and I’d like to read more about it.

  3. This article is really great! It was fascinating to me to learn more information about Chinese traditions. I was the most interested in Chinese taking meal culture. I think this article will inspire me to try something new for myself!

  4. First, this article is touching. She evokes in me feelings of love for home, for native traditions. And secondly, it is interesting for me, because I wanted to try something new from Chinese traditions! 🙂

  5. Very interesting article! I learned a little about Chinese culture, and I hope that the author will be able to adapt well in our country very soon.

  6. Thank you for the interesting information. It is always interesting to learn something new about another nationality!

  7. Really gorgeous. I found this article informative and extraordinary. Thank you!

  8. Very interesting text! Thanks to everyone who took part in its creation.

  9. Thank you! The article was very informative and spurred my interest in studying Chinese culture.

  10. It is always interesting to know how someone who has moved to another country feels. What kind of difficulties did he encounter? What worries them? And do they like it here? I think @lenalenina did a good job. Thank you, Lena, for giving us a different perspective on our city! I’m looking forward to your new work!!!
    #home #welcome #lena #goodjob

  11. Belarusian and Chinese cultures are very different. It’s always hard to get used to something new, although it can be quite an interesting and rewarding experience. I am very glad that our foreign friends are interested in our traditions and join our culture with pleasure and interest. We are interesting to each other because we are different! Thank you for the article!

  12. Thank you for this cognitive article! I didn’t even know that each of the Chinese sticks has its own name. This was an interesting fact for me. Also, I sometimes wondered what the round table meant in Chinese culture. And now I have an answer to this question) I will be able to share these new facts for me with my friends. I think they will also be curious to learn more about some Chinese traditions.

  13. To be honest, I very often face the problem of adapting to a new place for myself. You’re always afraid to do something wrong, you compare it to your old place of residence, but in the end you still get used to it sooner or later. By the way, I recently learned to eat with chopsticks, but it turns out that they have different types) In the end, I really hope that you will still be able to master the adaptation period!

  14. Sun Yan, thank you for this article! I’m glad your dream came true 🙂
    It was very interesting to learn more about Chinese culture. Now I can share these facts with my friends.

  15. Thanks to Sun Yan for such a great article!
    This article struck me as very sincere. It was as if I had a conversation with the author in person. I liked that foreign students want to study in our country and that dreams really do come true! When something turns out, it’s always good and pleasant!
    There is nothing in this article that I would not like.
    After reading this article, I took it out for myself that there are kind people in the world who are able to understand you despite different nationalities and races. It’s great when foreign students are happy to communicate with belarusian students!

  16. Thank you for such an interesting article! It is very interesting and useful to learn about the culture of other people and what difficulties they face when getting into a different environment!

  17. A Chinese man once rented an apartment from my aunt. We made friends with him and he often enraged me with various food according to Chinese recipes, since then I like Chinese cuisine, and then I also learned a couple of new, interesting facts about Chinese culture

  18. Thanks for the interesting article. After reading, I wanted to be even more interested in Asian culture. Special attention should be paid to pictures that help to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and feel the whole charm of Chinese culture more deeply.

  19. Thank you very much to the author for this excellent article! A lot of useful information!

  20. Thanks for the wonderful article! There were some things that I did not know before, for example, that a round table is a part of culture. However, there were things that, in my opinion, are already known to everyone. Such articles develop us, we can learn new facts about the life of another country.

  21. Sun Yan, thank you for this article! It is always interesting to hear about the life, life and culture of other countries. And China is a very unusual country with a very interesting mentality. I live with a foreign student from China, so this information was necessary and interesting for me, thank you! And yet, it is very cool that the article is made as if in the first person. It’s like you’re listening to a story.

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